Buffalo Pest Control provides trusted pest control services and extermination in Tonawanda, NY.  When dangerous and maddening insects or animals invade, home and business owners trust Buffalo Pest Control’s experienced exterminators to rid their space of the problem.  Buffalo Pest Control provides complete elimination of vermin and insects in Tonawanda, as well as structural inspections to stop new pests from invading.

From attics and eaves to walls, drains, windows and doors, down to basements and flooring, insects and animals can use the smallest entry points to start their nests.  Many species can go unseen for months and cause structural damage while their populations expand, and pose health risks to occupants.  Rats, mice, bats, bedbugs, flies and fleas, in particular, a known for carrying harmful diseases, while hornets, some spiders and other insects are venomous.  Buffalo Pest Control provides 24/7 extermination services to eliminate these pests, as well as interior and exterior inspections to ensure they do not reenter.

If you are noticing annoying or potentially dangerous pests in your home or business, put down the risk before damage occurs.  Call Buffalo Pest Control service today to identify the problem and stop it immediately.