The pests that are common in Western New York are adapted to living close to humans, and you may not notice them until there are already significant populations in your home or business. When this happens, the best option is to call an exterminator right away. Buffalo Pest Control provides pest removal and pest prevention services for home and business owners in Lackawanna, New York, dealing with all types of pest problems. Even if you don’t know what the pest is, we know you just want it gone, and we have the expertise and equipment to do it.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to identify where or how the pests got in or how they are multiplying. It is a common misconception that pests only invade vacant or mismanaged areas; if there is an opening and a food source anywhere, pests will exploit it. Some, like fleas or bed bugs, hitch a ride in on people, pets or on furniture. Cockroaches can exploit the tiniest openings around your home, or they can even run in when doors or windows are open. These bugs are very small, and they are often very difficult to detect at first, but it only takes a few individuals for the populations to grow. If you do notice pest populations around your home, you can eliminate them with one simple call.

Don’t let pest numbers continue to grow. Contact us today to arrange pest control services in Lackawanna, New York.