Infestations of mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches and other problem pests will quickly disrupt your home your workplace, interfering with sleep, ruining your business activities, taking over your kitchen and more. If you find you are constantly dealing with pests, it is time to take back your space. Buffalo Pest Control performs complete extermination and pest prevention services in Cheektowaga, New York, to make sure you don’t have to fight the battle another day.

Pests can take up residence virtually anywhere, especially pests that adapted to thrive next to humans. They may get into dumpsters, basements, attics, storage areas or other vacant areas, or they may move into outdoor areas such as garages, make tunnels in driveways or even nest in the grass. Many insects will even move into parts of your home or business you use every day, such as your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, even a dining area or lobby. We inspect the area carefully and identify what type of pest you have, and select a specialized treatment to deal with it. This ensures all the pests are eliminated and also uncovers their method of entry, so they won’t come back.

Put a stop to pest infestations at your home or business immediately. Contact us today to schedule extermination or preventatives services in Cheektowaga.