Norway Rat Extermination Services

ratBuffalo Pest Control is here to help any time you need rat control services. There are a variety of rats that find their way into buildings, including Norway rats. These rodents can grow up to 19 inches long, and they are typically brown in color. They can live up to two years given the right environment, and they have litters that contain anywhere from 6 to 12 rats. Although these rats don’t tend to come near people, there are several signs they leave behind that may indicate their presence. If you notice gnawed structures and strange dropping in or around your property, you most likely have a rat problem.

These rats can quickly become a nuisance when they get into food or cause damage to property. At Buffalo Pest Control, we can take care of any type of problem, regardless of how many rats are inside your building. If you would like to learn more about our rat extermination service, give us a call now!