Carpenter Bee Extermination Services

carpenter_beeThere are many different types of bees that can cause problems for residential and commercial property owners, including carpenter bees. These bees are about an inch long, have black and yellow coloring, and is known for creating nests within wood. You may find carpenter bee nests in overhangs and other areas around the exterior of your property. While a single bee won’t cause massive damage to the home, several of them together can become a large problem over time. They typically stay within their nests throughout the winter, but you can expect to find them again throughout the spring and summer.

Areas of unpainted wood around your property are prime targets for carpenter bees. They typically create nests in unpainted wood, and they will remain in the area year round. At Buffalo Pest Control, we offer bee removal services throughout the entire year. For more details about how we can help with bee control, get in touch with us today!