Bat Control Services

batBats are generally harmless to humans, but they can become a major nuisance if they manage to get inside your property. Because bats are nocturnal creatures, you most likely won’t encounter them during the day. They sleep upside down in dark places, but they can become active if they are threatened or agitated. Bats are most likely to enter homes and other types of buildings during winter in order to hibernate. Even if you have never seen a bat around your property, there are likely many in the area. More than 1,000 species of bats exist around the world, and they actually make up 20% of the entire mammal population.

No matter what type of bats you have noticed in or around your property, the team at Buffalo Pest Control can take care of the problem. We offer a variety of bat control and bat removal services in all of Western NY, so don’t go another day without contacting our team.