Welcome to Buffalo Pest Control

Welcome to Buffalo Pest Control! For more than a decade we have been offering our pest control and exterminating services to residential and commercial property owners. No matter what types of pests are inside your building, you can rest easy knowing our team is here to help. From the moment you hire us for a job, we will work quickly and carefully to ensure pests are eliminated without hurting your pets, property, and most importantly, your family. We employ a number of non-chemical methods and a reasonable amount of pest management materials as needed. Buffalo Pest Control also offers additional services including weed control, lawn care, and more.

Don’t spend another day trying to share a home or business with insects and rodents. Our team can take care of the problem in no time. We have technicians available 24/7, so give us a call now to get started!

What We Do:

From the moment you hire us for a job, we will work quickly and carefully to ensure pests are eliminated without hurting your pets, property, and most importantly, your family. No job is too big or small for our team, and we always work quickly and carefully to ensure the problem is contained and eliminated. We don’t just take care of any pests we see in or around your property and leave. We take the proper steps to ensure pests don’t return.

Total Quality Management:

We take our jobs seriously, and we aim to provide nothing but the most reliable service to our valued customers. Not only do we perform random audits in order to monitor the work of our technicians, but we even employ tools like GPS time-tracking software to ensure our technicians arrive on time and get the job done completely. Our goal is to make sure you always know what type of work we are doing, and when we’re doing it.

Quality Assurance:

Nothing is more important to us than exceeding the expectations of our customers. That is why we focus on providing high-quality results on each and every job. Not only is our pest management team always available when you need us most, but we have an in-house training and safety director who can answer any questions you may have.

Technical Expertise:

Buffalo Pest Control Pest Management Professional expertly handles all areas of pest management. Although the Initial Training Program is intensive, both in the classroom and in the field, we aim to increase the knowledge of all of our associates. Tools and educational resources like training programs conducted by our Training and Safety Director, as well as State and National Trade Association Training Seminars continually keep our associates on the forefront of pest control and offer better, more efficient techniques. We require all field representatives to take and pass registration and certification courses.  They must be Certified Applicators (Managers and Technicians) before heading out into the field.

Integrated Pest Management:

Our Integrated Pest Management plan is a six step method that allows us to provide you with the dependable pest control services that you deserve. This process involves the following steps:

  1. Proper inspections performed by both experienced technicians and members of our management team.
  2. Quick and accurate identification of any and all pests that may be in or around your property.
  3. Effective use of non-chemical methods including exclusion, sanitation, and sealing.
  4. Application of a reasonable, yet effective amount of pest management material.
  5. Continued monitoring of the area have the initial problem has been exterminated.
  6. Constant communication between you and the Buffalo Pest Control team.

Consulting Services:

In the event that you need pest control services for a property that involves any type of regulatory group, or if you are facing a unique pest control situation, our Training and Safety Director is here to work with you and solve the problem.